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Web App Development

Web Application Development

Web application development in INDIA is creating a boom these days because of the developing start-up culture. Offline market is in conversion phase and is already dominated by the big brands such as Amazon, Flipkart and Alibaba. In this conversion phase, it is necessary to create your own online presence either on android or on google.

More than that, in today’s world, people are using mobile application to a greater extent than any other platform which is proved by the stats given in 2018.

The following stats given in 2018 will prove above statement:-

  • Only 9% of people are using mobile web.
  • 34% people are using desktop.
  • And 54% are using mobile application.
  • Average user is spending 2.3 hrs per day on mobile application.
  • There are almost 6.6 million mobile application are present on the app store.
  • The total no. of app downloads are around 197 billion till date.

 We have tons of expertise and resources to develop Custom Web Application using open       source PHP language and Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP).

 We have hands on experience to develop E-Commerce shopping carts with Community tools, Web ERPs, CMS, CRM Solutions or Discussion forums(Blogs). We are the best PHP development company to get your business suited needs as now days.

 Our software professionals also possess best technical expertise in PHP, MYSQL, LINUX, HTML5 and more that definitely provide an advantage to your development. With considerable years of experience, we are offering a list of PHP development related web application development services.

Duplex Technologies helps you to Arranging or developing application on cloud needs careful attention on scalability, integration and security of your brands application. Duplex ensure your application development is in safe hands and managed. Duplex Technologies such a company who realizes the importance of these features and successfully incorporates them on the cloud development. Our solutions are competitive and offer the finest web design and Application development as a supplement.

Duplex Technologies have top class database administrator expert to manage your database and built and maintained by using a database programming language. 

Our Expert worked on:   

IBM, DB2, MYSQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle.

Contact for Mobile application development at +918090060608 or add me on Skype: satya.maurya or whatsapp me on +918090060608. Write mail on sales@duplextech.com .

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