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Duplex Technology is one of the eminent IT Solutions companies in Lucknow, India which is a prime focus in the field of IT consultancy services
IT Consultancy Company is the company which is involved in giving consultancy or services to different consulting services and corporate clients service for diverse business needs as per their need.

Duplex Technology provides services in various fields like Management & Development ,Travel , Entertainment, Web Design, Graphic Design, and many more.To keep improving your business you really need IT support that helps a firm to accomplish its enterprise goals. It helps in improving productiveness by enabling communication, effort, and information sharing, which allows employees to innovate. These functionalities are delivered through many technologies. Some are central file servers, databases, broadband connectivity, mobile website, email sales and marketing communications, and many others.

IT companies give services which help you to grow and make your hegemony in the market. IT services are like Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management can help you to increase your business by more than 100%. Customer Relationship Management services give you a platform where you can store, Restore data of your customers.

Duplex Technolgy can help you drive growth and amplify success with our four-phased consulting services.

Planning and Designing Phase – We are identify the areas of your business that can be transformed with effective digital processes. 
We analyze your business and advise you on integrating software products that would enhance the ROI and bring substantial growth your own business.

Implementation and Deployment Phase – In our view, an agile approach works best for software development. Working in iterations drives customer engagement and effective understanding of the product than if it was built in one go only to be modified later.

Operational Phase – We have handle your application's operational and administration capabilities and ease you into the adoption of a product or service.

Optimization Phase – Once your services and products are active, we identify areas where better digital transformation can be leveraged

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