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Though we are new in market as an IT Services business but we have gained a reputation of delivering quality services by delivering time critical solutions and continuously evolving through innovative delivery methods. We have a dedicated team of high-quality professionals who constantly work with diverse industrial players in varied sectors like biometrics, education, IT Services, logistics etc. We strive to build up innovative solutions for our patrons/clients through advance technologies and enable them to compete successfully within their technical domains.

Our Vission

We offer industry-specific solutions and integration services through a unique onsite, offsite, offshore delivery model that helps our clients achieve reduced "time to market" for their products and world-class quality on-time and that too in budget.To help our clients to meet their goals by offering better and time oriented services.

Our Mission

Duplex Technology is dedicated to providing the people, services and solutions our clients need to meet their information technology challenges and business goals. Work to understand the needs and requirements of our clients before proposing a solution. Develop responsive proposals that provide cost-effective solutions to our clients needs. Follow-up on the quality of our services and solutions to our clients. Appreciate the trust that our clients put in us as we work with them to improve their business and information technology.