How to develop real teen patti game in india, How to build mobile game for Teen Patti – Indian Poker and Indian Rummy

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How to develop teen Patti game or Mobile Apps in India?

Did you know that you can play Real Teen Patti – Indian Poker teen patti game and Indian Rummy by Duplex Technologies with real players from around the world? It’s just as if you were playing cards with your friends on your mobile!

The Windows Phone store offers you tons of exciting card-based games such as Texas Holdem Poker, Solitaire and AE Blackjack. My all-time favorite is card poker game and these card-based games are played globally in various forms and different names.

Without a proper description of how this game works (and I am certainly not signing up on some random site to find out), it is not really possible for us to give you a proper answer. Explain what you are trying to do in detail here.

However, just to point out a few popular technologies used for casuals games:
For the desktop you may want to look into XNA or Python. C/C++ is popular for the more "professional" games, but there is a pretty steep learning curve involved in that.
For online games Flash/Actionscrip is a good choice. Browser based games can also be designed in server-side languages like PHP, ASP.NET or Java, with HTML/CSS and Javascript.

Keep in mind that pretty much all game development requires some skill at programming, and if you expect anything close to a "perfect" game you need a good deal more than that. 

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