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ERP (Enterprise Resource planning) software development for managing the business is increasing day by day. ERP is a software enabled solution which is used to control all the information and functions of a business. ERP software systems include different ERP modules operations for the ERP business solutions like planning, development of the product, sales and marketing.

Our Company is expertise in providing end to end ERP solutions and ERP consultant services for highly automated, computerized and quick transactions throughout the organization. We have excellent team for the custom ERP application development at all the stages to improve the operation efficiently. We provide custom ERP Consulting services for small and medium sized organization with best ERP software packages.

We've been developing best ERP applications over years which have a proven success results. The key role of ERP software services for the best progress of an organization is important to choose required ERP applications and ERP solutions carefully after weighing all possible outcomes in the market. We have best ERP software packages which can cover all the aspects of the effective business life cycle. Our ERP applications consist of Accounting ERP software, manufacturing ERP systems, financial ERP software, small business ERP software systems.


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ERP Solution for Travel Industries

Duplex Technologies delivers all the available modules over the cloud platform, the most comprehensive travel distribution platform for small to midsize travel intermediaries. Duplex Technologies on demand/cloud deployment saves infrastructure cost and product development cost for customers. Our offerings facilitate free product upgrades without bearing a delay and cost of technology upgrades. 

ERP system is a valuable tool of administrative information and control. It can be used to manage every level of tourism and hospitality industry: human resource, management of finance, service, maintenance, stocking, projects, investment, risk, decision-making, payoff analyzing, region planning, region business, intelligent traffic. 


ERP for Healthcare Industry

It is of paramount importance for hospitals and healthcare facilities to improve data flow and enhance communications across the various departments to help offer timely and appropriate care to patients. ERP for medical industry is the perfect solution to address these concerns to make lives a lot easier for both caregivers and patients  ERP enables patients' details to be stored and transferred between all healthcare providers, so whether it's a trip to the physician's office, the emergency department or another hospital department, patients' records will be updated accordingly. This is an important feature, as it helps doctors to make the right diagnoses and provide the best treatment for health conditions.

ERP For Real Estate Industry

For the Real Estate Industry, you can boost visibility and efficiencies across your organisation. Reduce your costs without rewriting industry benchmarks or compromising on quality. Get a close view of your expenditure budgets throughout projects and locations.  An industry specific dashboard empowers top management to make business decisions supported by real time information. Duplex will have you up and running quickly, with less disruption to your business. Pre-configured dashboards enable key people in operations and decision makers to have the required information on their fingertips to necessary steps as may be required.

ERP for Manufacturing firms

ERP systems for manufacturing companies, whether discrete or continuous, will unite the business processes together with the technology. 

Businesses can gain a control over all these aspects to optimize their performance. In simple words, the enterprise resource planning tool helps a business to grow proactively by bridging the gaps from customers to suppliers and from suppliers to employees.

Needless to say, implementing ERP within your manufacturing company will bring the momentum you need.


  • Human Resource module helps to HR team for efficient management of human resources. HR module helps to manage employee information, track employee records like performance reviews, designations, job descriptions, skill matrix, time & attendance tracking.

  • Inventory module can be used to track the stock of items. Items can be identified by unique serial numbers. Using that unique numbers inventory system can keep track of item and trace its current location in organization.

  • Typical sales process includes processes like Sales queries & inquiry analysis & handling, quotation drafting, accepting sales orders, drafting sales invoices with proper taxation, dispatch/Shipment of material or service, tracking pending sales order .

  • Purchase module consist of functionalities like supplier/vendor listing, supplier & item linking, sending quotation request to vendors, receiving & recording quotations, analysis of quotations, preparing purchase orders, tracking the purchase items, pre

  • Whole inflow & outflow of money/capital is managed by finance module. This module keeps track of all account related transactions like expenditures, Balance  sheet, account ledgers, budgeting, bank statements ,payment receipts, tax management etc. Fina

  • CRM department  is helps to boost the sales performance through better customer service & establishing the healthy relationship with customers. All the stored details of customer is available in CRM module.CRM module can be integrated with Sales module

  • Production module is great help for manufacturing industry for delivering product.This module consist of functionalities like production planning, machine scheduling, raw material usage,(Bill of material)preparation, track daily production progress production f

  • SCM module manages the flow of product items from manufacturer to consumer & consumer to manufacturer. Common roles involved are manufacturer, Stockiest, distributors, retailers etc. SCM involves demand & supply management , sales returns & replacin

  • Order management systems take in data from orders on the front end -- such as customer number and product part number -- and make sure that orders get filled on the back end. Manufacturers use ERP order management modules to fill product orders at the lowest po

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