What does the cost of an E-commerce website development? Best company for E-commerce website development.

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What does the cost of an E-commerce website development?

Good websites get applause. Great websites get business.

Don’t let your website be just another general URL on the web. We can help it be a powerful marketing medium or source to attract anticipated customers.

As a website development company with over 7years of expertise in developing creative, conversion focused websites, we are well-able to help your business make a mark online.

What are E commerce websites?

An E Commerce website is a URL that sells products and services through means of the data flow and fund transfer over the web.

Types of E-Commerce websites

Before starting a business website, first questions you should ask yourself; “What is your business type?”. Here’re your chances to pick! 

Business-to-Consumer: Electronic exchanges of goods and services between businesses and consumers – the end users.

Business-to-Business: Electronic exchanges of goods and services among businesses.

Consumer-to-Business: Electronic exchanges of goods and services where people offer products or services to businesses.

Consumer-to-Consumer: Electronic exchanges of goods and services between buyers, through a third party. 

Consumer-to-Administration: Electronic exchanges when a consumer sells goods and services to individuals and public organizations.

Business-to-Administration: Electronic exchanges of products and services between organizations and public administrations.

Types of merchants & What are they selling:

Physical goods: This is the most typical kind of store of various products. They show the goods in their online stores, customers pick what they like and like items or add them to their carts. When a purchase is done, businesses ship orders to the customers.

Services: Educational, housekeeping services, consulting people – anything can be bought online as well.

Digital products: E-books, podcasts, software, online courses (buy what you want, learn when you want). This trend is just awesome.

Preliminary cost of an E-commerce website development:

The cost of designing an E Commerce website depends on the client’s business financial capacities and plan, just the same as development. We cannot name a single universal web design price and timeline because it all depends on the particular project. E-commerce website design costs differ from business to business as well.
Typically, a client can only give a roundabout e-Commerce web design price after they have discovered the basic project details. The main points that define the total cost for the e-Commerce website design are:

● Number of web pages

● Need for website’s product graphics and images

● Level of web design customization and specification

● Website domain and hosting

● Website interactivity

● Website responsiveness (optimization for use on mobile and such devices)

● Amounts of product provided by the client (graphics, content, branded materials)

Design and development are the core milestones of every project, be it a website or an app. As of 2020, e-Commerce website design costs can range from ₹30,000 to ₹50,000 and even higher.

At Duplex tech. a median price for UX/UI design for E-commerce platforms is around ₹30,000 for one platform.

Why Duplex Technologies for developing your website design:
Being in the industry for over 7 years, we are among the most experienced website design and development companies in India.

Our well-experienced team of professionals includes content writers, UI designers, website developers, quality analysts and testers and digital marketers.

Each fresh website project is given the heed, what it deserves. That is the reason why all the main UI designs are controlled by the senior designers of our development team.
From websites to web portals and e-commerce websites (our expertise spans across industries in developing and promoting websites.)

Website design and development – the Duplex advantage

Branding and strategic thinking

When others focus on just graphic view & design, we look at your brand’s overall persona and device ways by which the website design can emphasize it online. Our content team plays an important role in planning and conceiving a communication strategy for your website.

Creative web designing
All our web design projects are primarily handled by the senior creative team. The team includes the Art Director, Creative Director and Copywriter – all of whom have over minimum 5 years of expertise in building world-class websites.

Coding and Technology
Our software developers are modernize with the latest coding standards and technology innovations in the desktop, tablets and mobile mediums. This helps us to build websites that are highly addictive, secure and equate with the best in the world.

Marketing your website
Who wouldn’t want their website rank well on all search engines? Our expertise in SEO and digital marketing helps us build websites that rank well on leading search engines and perform well on social media.

Website maintenance
Regularly and timely retention of websites is a critical task which many can’t occur or ignore. Not when you have a website maintenance agreement with us, we make sure your website is updated with the latest content and your search engine ranking stays on the top of search.

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Reasons why you should partner with Duplex tech. for your next project:

Everyone claims to be a digital media expert nowadays. How many of them have the skill of working on the internet medium constant for the last 7 years? We do. And we’re waiting for the opportunity to use this experience with your next project. From branding to digital, mobile, cloud and analytics, Duplex can support your needs with its in-house team of full-time professionals. Being a lean organization, you also get the individual attention from the Senior members of the team on your project.

We consider going that extra level, beyond just design and development, to make sure that your business has reliable growth. We keep learning more about your business as we keep discovering the different ways in which your users and visitors behave in the digital medium.

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