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CRM Development & CRM Software Solutions – Companies rely heavily on customer relationship management(CRM) technology tools to manage interactions with current and future customers. CRM software deploys technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support plus manage customers, records, and their surveys.    Duplex Technologies recognizes that the customer is the MOST key factor of any business, and relationships with new and prospective customers are vital to your business.

All our Customer Relationship Management Services execution depends on client's preferences. We thoroughly understand customer's needs and its behaviors depending onto the same provide strong relationship solution software. It is more of a business philosophy than of a technical solution.

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SugarCRM integration

Our SugarCRM consultants are extensively experienced in integrating SugarCRM systems into available business software or IT infrastructures like VOIP systems, E-mail marketing platforms, enterprise resource planning software, web portals and bespoke as well as legacy systems.  SugarCRM, built using PHP, is an adaptable & flexible CRM system that has amazing and easy- to -use web-based interfaces and features.

SugarCRM is also worth integrating with Microsoft Outlook, schedules and reminders, internal messaging systems, document libraries, external phone lines and VOIP. You can also add zing to your CRM capability through a range of other available plug-ins.

They can build a CRM that perfectly fit with your business model and infrastructure providing you with a unique competitive edge & advantage.

CRM Migration

A clean and smooth migration of data from your legacy system means avoiding a prolonged and expensive clean-up of your CRM database. As the most valued customer relationship information like correspondence could be the toughest to transfer, using a specialized CRM migration consultant can work wonders and saves your time as well as money. Working various types of CRM systems and databases, our CRM experts are profoundly skilled and knowledgeable of CRM and data migration like SugarCRM migration, Microsoft Dynamics migration, SalesForce migration, GoldMine migration, vtiger migration and more.

If you want to hire a CRM or data migration expert or want to discuss your CRM needs in more detail, contact us today.

  • The main Concept of this application is to generate leads and converts them into modules through the help of sales modules. It captures all the required details of the customers and provides service throughout customers life cycle. The operational CRM includes

  • This application helps to collect data of the customers coming from different channels to serve customers. Through this business organization can set a methodology for sales, marketing to improve customers relationship and loyalty.We used advanced technologies

  • One of the important customer relationship management. This CRM permits several departments of the company to collect the required information including sales, marketing to highlight it and returns better feedback to the customers. It promotes teamwork and exce

  • We perform mobile CRM development, including custom mobile applications, mobile-first design, online/offline synchronization, GPS/location-based functions, and context-awareness features.

  • Our developers create CRM databases including contact management, search functions, documents/records management, and integrate disparate data repositories.

  • We develop workflow CRM management tools, including dynamic rules engines, custom rules/automation creation, calendar management, task lists/assignments, alerts/notifications, and automated process templates.

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