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How can I start my own e wallet Mobile app Like Paytm, mobikwik, Phonepay??

Now Days Online payment market is growing dramatically and fast with the rapid emergence of many e-wallet mobile application based companies like paytm, mobikwik, phonepe and many more. The various cashless payment methods came as a blessing after demonization, and nearly every second person whether reluctantly or willingly started using e-wallets mobile solutions for his/her day to day transactions.

As a result, many people are looking forward to creating their e-wallet apps, since in current times it is one of the most popular and profitable product.

If you too have a similar plan in mind, then we have the ultimate guide for you.

You can choose Duplex Technologies as your IT partner for developing E wallet mobile application based in Lucknow. We have clients all over India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Baglaore, Lucknow, Channai, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Pune, Goa, Noaida etc

We are working on various Mobile application Technologies:

  • Android application development Services
  • iOS application Development services
  • iPhone application development services
  • Wearable application development services
  • Hybrid application development services
  • React JS native application Development services
  • Cross Plat form application Development services
  • Ionic Application Development Services

Our Mobile Application Product are:

For discus your requirement to our sales team write mail on sales@duplextech.com or call now +91-8090060608/09. 

Duplex Technologies known for Mobile apps, android application, Ios Development Company in Lucknow and native or hybrid mobile application Development services in Lucknow

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How do I start a Payment mobile e wallet in India?

First thing to get in place is a proper licence :

There are enough players who have a licence and are not using it. Rather than pursuing a license of your own start with partnering with someone. License as such has become a commodity and entities not having the required license have been partnering with banks/ppi holders to launch services . To name a few partnerships

  1. EKO and RBL bank Fintech Startup Eko Launches Semi-Closed Prepaid Wallet, Partners With NPCI RBL Bank
  2. Freecharge and Yes Bank FreeCharge Partners Yes Bank, Fino PayTech to Launch Wallet Solution
  3. PayU Wallet and RBL

So if you have a good idea over and above of what is being offered in the market go ahead and skim the list of PPI holders and convince them ( esp the ones who have not been able to capitalise) to work with you - Prepaid Payment Instruments in India. Getting in touch with banks in another option but they won't entertain a relatively new player .

On a side note a lot of them have already surendered their licenses ( Beam Money, Done Card Utility and OSS Payment solutions ) and before others do the same please get in touch with them and impress them with your proposition .

Once this is in place , iron out the use cases you want to hit the market with . Typical use cases are recharge and bill payments but only these services are not going to help you out and probably you need to innovate here to stand out in this crowded space. One you are clear with this get the right partners onboard and get the technology in place.

Next comes user acquisition and getting people to use your application. Iterate and keep on adding new use cases to get the engagement going.

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How to develop teen Patti game or Mobile Apps in India?

Did you know that you can play Real Teen Patti – Indian Poker teen Patti game and Indian Rummy by Duplex Technologies with real players from around the world? It’s just as if you were playing cards with your friends on your mobile!

The Windows Phone Store offers you tons of exciting card-based games such as Texas Holdem Poker, Solitaire, and AE Blackjack. My all-time favorite is the card poker games and these card-based games are played globally in various forms and different names.

Without a proper description of how this game works (and I am certainly not signing up on some random site to find out), it is not really possible for us to give you a proper answer. Explain what you are trying to do in detail here.

However, just to point out a few popular technologies used for casuals games:
For the desktop you may want to look into XNA or Python. C/C++ is popular for the more "professional" games, but there is a pretty steep learning curve involved in that.
For online games Flash/Actionscrip is a good choice. Browser based games can also be designed in server-side languages like PHP, ASP.NET or Java, with HTML/CSS and Javascript.

Keep in mind that pretty much all game development requires some skill at programming, and if you expect anything close to a "perfect" game you need a good deal more than that. 

Contact for Teen Patti Game development at +918090060608 or add me on Skype: satya.maurya or whatsapp me on +918090060608

Write mail on sales@duplextech.com

We Are Developing many types of Games:

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Dream11 fantasy game development company

Fantasy game development companies are growing day by day in INDIA as well as in other countries after DREAM 11 created a benchmark in the market. Dream 11 immersed as a game changer ironically in the game development field having millions of users.

The following stats will prove you how fantasy gaming market is booming:-

  • It was started in 1952 in U.S.A and till date has around 60 million users in U.S.A only.
  • In INDIA we will have 100 million users by 2020.
  • Last two years we have reached from 2 million users in 2016 to 20 million in 2018.
  • Everyday a person spends around 42 minutes on a fantasy game.
  • Around 67% people know about fantasy gaming in India.
  • 90% of the users play at least once a month.
  • India is becoming the battlefield for fantasy sports operators.
  • Android played a major role in INDIA in flourishing the fantasy game as a mobile application.

 There are four major categories in Fantasy gaming:-

  • Daily and weekly game
  • Scoring based game
  • Draft based game
  • League based game

Various features are available in Fantasy gaming such as:-

  • Registration
  • Home screen
  • My profile
  • Dashboard
  • My contest
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Payment System
  • Custom Mail Reminder system

If you are looking for a company to develop your own fantasy game just like dream 11 then contact us at https://www.duplextech.com

Contact for DREAM 11 fantasy game development at +918090060608 or add me on Skype: satya.maurya or whatsapp me on +918090060608. Write mail on sales@duplextech.com .


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How to develop Own Ludo Game in android Unity 2d or 3d?

Ludo Game development Required???

Ohhh yes..

Now days Ludo Kings make big history in Gaming and entertainment industry really its very big space for new game idea. Make Ludo game now days more popular in Indian game market, i am sure you can get huge success if going to make such a great platform for Ludo game or other gaming segment.

Few things you should be remember while going to Build your dream Ludo game....

1. Ludo game should be developed with high quality of UI and UX work required.

2. User Interface make too easy dont make confusion over menu or navigations.

3. Make virtual money based Ludo game, its help to play all users freely.

4. Your Ludo game speed should be fast and make good sound and animation effect in it.

5. Provide some broadcasting voice in it then its make real Ludo play experience to users.

6. Your Ludo game should be made in Unity 2D or 3D platforms.

Ludo is a strategy board game played with 2,3 or 4 players with the help of a dice. It is a simple form of ancient Indian game. The players take chances in rolling the dice and race their four tokens to the finish point, whoever gets all four tokens to the end wins the game.

In Ludo also add snake and ladder Ludo format may be its loves by more Ludo game lovers in Small age players like kids.

Duplex Technologies known for high quality Ludo game development company in India, You can check our company work just asking about our technical team with your requirement. I am sure our team will understand your requirement very well.

Call on +919129294153 or write mail on sales@duplextech.com


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How to Develop 8 or 9 Ball Pool Mobile Game in India?

Really its very good question How to Develop 8 or 9 Ball Pool Mobile Game in India?

First of all you need to understand about all features and rules of 8 ball pool game to develop such a great game.

8 Ball pool game developed using kinetic Physics and speed rules. you need to understands all logics of 8 ball pool game before start to develop it.

If you choose simple android studio to develop this application you make it wrong choice because in android you don’t offer butter like smoothness and sharp ball moving like 8 ball pool game. My personal suggestion you can choose and gaming library for it or you can choose Unity gaming library for Develop 8 all pool game. Unity will give you best performance and smoothness in game to make high end user experience to play game. Also you can make table for play in real time database like firebase.

8 Ball Pool Game have few basic features you required to develop it:

1. 1 On 1 Play system

2. 8  ball pool game variant with 1 on 1

3. 9 Ball game format also make huge success in it

4. Play with computer

5. Also give some practice play format for New users

6. If you make 8 Ball Pool game make on most liked features is Tournament, I think its play USP role in your 8 Ball pool Game development.

7. Full game should be play on virtual money based.

What is 8 Ball Pool Game?

Eight ball pool game is the game that you can play with friends, play with legends or play the hit Miniclip 8 ball pool game on your mobile and other devices. Now, this game is available in the virtual world too that you can enjoy on your Smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Are you looking 8 Ball Pool Game Development Company in India??

Duplex Technologies is brand name to build high quality UI and UX for 8 Ball game development in India. We have done approx 52+ Unity based game development services in Global.

Get in touch with our Game development expert Team to explain your Game process on +91-9129294153 or write mail on sales@duplextech.com



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