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Get Finest Software and IT consultancy services

Duplex Technology is one of the eminent IT Solutions companies in Lucknow, India which is a prime focus in the field of IT consultancy services
IT Consultancy Company is the company which is involved in giving consultancy or services to different consulting services and corporate clients service for diverse business needs as per their need.

Duplex Technology provides services in various fields like Management & Development ,Travel , Entertainment, Web Design, Graphic Design, and many more.To keep improving your business you really need IT support that helps a firm to accomplish its enterprise goals. It helps in improving productiveness by enabling communication, effort, and information sharing, which allows employees to innovate. These functionalities are delivered through many technologies. Some are central file servers, databases, broadband connectivity, mobile website, email sales and marketing communications, and many others.

IT companies give services which help you to grow and make your hegemony in the market. IT services are like Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management can help you to increase your business by more than 100%. Customer Relationship Management services give you a platform where you can store, Restore data of your customers.

Duplex Technolgy can help you drive growth and amplify success with our four-phased consulting services.

Planning and Designing Phase – We are identify the areas of your business that can be transformed with effective digital processes. 
We analyze your business and advise you on integrating software products that would enhance the ROI and bring substantial growth your own business.

Implementation and Deployment Phase – In our view, an agile approach works best for software development. Working in iterations drives customer engagement and effective understanding of the product than if it was built in one go only to be modified later.

Operational Phase – We have handle your application's operational and administration capabilities and ease you into the adoption of a product or service.

Optimization Phase – Once your services and products are active, we identify areas where better digital transformation can be leveraged

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Why is the Need for Mobile Application Development Exponentially Grown, Today?

Duplex Technology is a top mobile app development company in Lucknow. We are a composition of a magnificent team of application designers, developers and marketers who is committed to targeting its client satisfaction. We strongly keep our promises and wish to deliver the desired solutions as our clients expect. We are highly grateful to the reliable team who are consistently engaged in learning and exploring new always that helped us to reach the glorified heights.

This unbeatable squad is the image of 7+ years of experience in mobile app development. Our dedicated Sales Executives, IT Business Analysts, App engineers, Webmasters, Designers, and Testers have proved proficiency in web application development as well. We have developed 150+ apps for diverse industry verticals namely Car Rental App , Travel App, Radio Cab & Taxi Booking App, Flight Booking Software many more mobile Application Develop, etc., On IOS and Android, Native, Hybrid platforms. Our Portfolio and Case Study consist of a little bit of our success. Our Success Story is the concept of our hard work, interactive approach, and diligence.

Duplex Technology owner & his Team said that mobile application development is a critical factor for business success. Recent studies suggest that there has been a growth in the number of smartphones and tablets, and 90% of mobile users use their smartphones to access the Internet daily. Not only there is an increase in the figure of smartphone users and its sales, but also the number of mobile apps installed has also grown exponentially. Apps help you reap the best outcomes you can ever have while being in the business. So, if you aspire to unlock the potential of your business to the best you should opt for a mobile application development company in Lucknow that can help you with the same and develop a business-oriented and feature-rich mobile application for you.

Every business is shifting towards mobile application development because of its high potential to grab more target customers, be it for developing an Android app or an IOS application. With millions of Android devices active globally, entrepreneurs like to opt for android app development so that they could target a large market via a single app. Coming to iPhone app development, the number of iPhone users has also increased in the last decade, so is the demand for iPhone apps. A number of Mobile application development companies in Lucknow are grabbing the opportunities to render Android application development services along with iPhone application development services to lead the race and stay ahead in the highly competitive market.

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How to Choose Best Ludo Game Development Company in India

Duplex Technology is the most renowned Ludo game development company in India, which aims to provide you the best services that meet all your requirements. We provide Ludo game development for various platforms like Android, iOS, and Web. We are a leading offering of result-oriented and great customizable solutions for mobile application development & mobile game development for all categories like racing games, action games, board games many more.

We possess an expert team of Android Ludo Game developers and iOS Ludo Game Developers. We cover multiple platforms after seeing the popularity of this game all over the world.  We struggle to provide high-quality Ludo game software development services. Our Ludo Game software provider offers high-quality games that really satisfy and offer great user experience

Ludo Game Software Development Services :

Ludo Game is one of the most popular Indian games whose addiction in the Indian market can be seen everywhere. It is also now readily available in smartphones and now Ludo fans can have their favorite game as and when they want to play it. This is played between two to four people with the help of dice. Game developers now this game app offering great fun and excitement to players with high sound and animation quality.

Some Features of Our Unique Game Designs :

Following are some of the features of our unique game designs-

1.  We use the latest form of advanced technology for creating unique and innovative game designs incuding Real Money & Virtual Money.

2.  We have match feature in our Ludo game that allows game refresh ability and also quick turnover.

3.  We offer finest game app solution with the help of skilled game developers.

4.   We will also get some implement chat and messaging features for social gaming experience.

5.    We will also provide a live ludo game app along with cross-browser functionality.

6.    Game lovers will get to experience standard functionality and features.

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How To Create A Google Knowledge Panel or Business Profile page like Wikipedia

Good Question 
I am giving you solution for creating Google Knowledge Panel or Business Profile page like Wikipedia. Its work for Small Scale companies, Actor, Sports Person or Public Figure. 
You can follow beolow some steps to craete beautiful business profile page.
Google Knowledge Panels not only provide a professional looking "business card” for your brand, they also improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), since Google collects information from various sources and adds it to their Knowledge Graph. There are a ton of benefits to having a Google Knowledge Panel, here are a few. So how exactly do you get one?
1. Create a Google Brand Account.
The first step to having a knowledge panel is to have a Google brand account specifically for your brand. A brand account is different than a standard account, in that brand accounts can be linked (administrated/managed) by multiple user accounts. This is often done to share administrative rights between multiple individuals.
Here is a link to where you can view brand accounts under your currently signed-in Google account. If you’ve never set up a brand account, here are the steps for how you can do so.
2. Update Your Brand Account With Detailed Information in Google page.
Update your brand account with as MUCH information as you possibly can. When submitting application for a Google Knowledge Panel, Google looks at both the quantity and quality of the information provided on your Google Brand account.
This is where Google will confirm things like, do you have a website? Does your business have social media accounts? If you're a musician/band, do you have music on Spotify/iTunes? This process distinguishes brands who are and aren’t ready to have a Google Knowledge Panel. Be sure that all information in your brand account is set to public.
3. Optimize Your SEO Information
When you perform a Google search for your brands name, you should already be showing up in the top three to four results. This is actually pretty easy to achieve if your brand has social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and (if you’re doing music) Soundcloud. Although identifying the exact ranking of your webpage in Google search results is near impossible, there are ways to come pretty close to finding out.
The important thing is that the information on each of these social/online platforms needs to be closely identical to each other.
4. Submit your Website to Google Search Console
Google now needs to connect the dots between your brand account and your brands' websites, to believe that you are who you say you are. If you don't yet have a website yet, here's a guide for how to build a simple static site on AWS S3. It does require some technical ability which, if that's not your cup of tea, you can find freelance web developers on websites like Duplex Technologies. I am also available for landing page web development, here is my portfolio for reference.
5. Get Verified
After a few days time, you will begin to see content about your brand appearing on the side of Google search results. Now if you look at the bottom of that panel, you’ll start to see the below option. Note that you have to be signed in to you Google account that manages the brand in order to see this option.
When you click that link, you'll be directed to the Google brand verification form. You’re almost there! The form will request screenshots of you logged into several of you brand accounts (make sure to show edit privileges in the screenshots) as well as a personal selfie with your ID card. All this information is required to prove that you are the owner of your business/brand.
For more details and help Write in comment box

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How we can develop an app like tik-tok,Vigo Video and other short video apps

TikTok is a music and video platform that allows users to create and share videos online. TikTok app enables users to upload videos on the social media platform and film content. As the app provides many editing effects, filters, and more , the videos can be edited easily.
Additionally, TikTok is a perfect platform for showcasing talents and sharing knowledge with a bulk of audience. It has the feature that can convert a video into a live wallpaper. Users can save these videos in their app account.The platform has become popular in a short time. Many users got popularity with this app, as they got the platform where they can showcase their talents. To make an app just like tik tok needs some measures . The new app must have all the features of tik tok as well as some new and extra features must be added to make the app more popular tha tik tok. The look and feel of app must be overwhelming so that the users attracted to it.  So, here are the ways form which we can develop our own app like tik-tok.
Features that must be included in app :
Video Uploading: It’s necessary to provide users with an easiest and fastest way to post their ready- made videos with good quality and high resolution to their app’s account. As a result, it’s better to consider sharing options beforehand.
Video Editing and Modifications : Users should have capabilities to edit the video on the app. There can be some basic options like flipping the video, and many more and other features that include filters and effects like , making  the users’ skin more smooth and glowing. Just like Snapchat and other beauty cameras, it should have effects for changing the color of the eyes, hair, and even adding makeup to their face. Features ike stickers, animations, and masks can also be added to make it more useable .
Sharing Videos on Social Media : Apart from sharing videos within the app, users can use social sharing buttons to share videos on other social media platforms. They can also link their app profiles to other social media platforms in order to gain publicity and praises.
Likes And Comments
Users viewing the shared video by the maker can like and comment as it is done on facebook and Instagram, with various emojis like hearts, smileys etc as likes.
Following  Feature
Just like in instagram, one user should be able to follow another user on the same app, granting request to let them follow , the one who requested.
Just like with any other social media app, every user can can also check notifications to see who liked and commented on their videos, who followed them, etc.
Duets feature is one of the most popular features now a days. As this feature provides to lip-sync or dance to their favorite music and songs with anyone on the app of their choice, by appearing side-by-side on the same screen. Another user can be a friend, any filmstar or a completely random person.
This feature enables them to create exciting Duet challenges, thus getting higher reach and getting fame as well as popularity .
Steps to develop an app like TikTok :
Research Your Target Customer
You need to learn more about your target customer to understand them better and create a product that will satisfy their requirements and needs.Make a full statistics , their age, device they use , bandwidth and internet connectivity.
Team That Can Help Create The App
To make an app like TikTok, you need to hire a development team and consider the tech stack of your future application. Team should consists of Business Analyst, Project Manager, UI/UX designer, Android developer, iOS developer, Back-end developers, QA engineer.
Plan a Structured Design
When preparing your app design, make sure the app is user friendly, so that you can give your future users a product that’s easy to use and provides them with an excellent experience.
Your app must have a better interface and should be completely free of confusions. It should be both functionally and non-functionally appealing to the user.

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Choose Top Software Development Company as per your Business

 Are you searching for a perfect software development company to develop a website or mobile application for your business? Because right now searching or selecting the best software development company for your business is not so easy. Here, we are going to share some top 5 tips for choosing the best software development company in 2020 for your business.
Duplex Technology is a superlative Custom Software Development company delivering splendid business IT Solutions and related software services to customers across the India and Globe. Our software development services are led by our dedicated and passionate team to provide best IT industry practices combined with technology expertise and business domain knowledge to drive digital transformation. We have emerged and marked our presence in different continents by providing quality and elegant software development services to all major Industry Domains.
As mobile app and web app usage continues to grow, then the digital presence of your business becomes even more important. The biggest challenge facing the company is how they can sustain in the digital world. The best approach is to continuously develop up-to-date software that allows your company to maintain an impressive digital presence.
Check portfolio of the company
When selecting a software development company in Lucknow, India. We should always check their project portfolio as the company's portfolio reflects their success in what the company is proficient in web development or mobile app development and you can easily check the effectiveness in their own projects And also you can check relevant samples related to your business or not. It will help you choose the best software development for your business.
Check their knowledge in web technologies or mobile applications
Before selecting a software development company first you need to know that in which web development  or mobile application and designing technologies they are working and their team members have updated knowledge about these technologies or not. If they have updated knowledge then you can easily select a specific company for your business web development or mobile application. Therefore always check about a specific company that they have updated knowledge or not about different web development or mobile application and designing technologies.
Check Social Media Presence of the company
A strong social media presence is a good sign for a software development company. Many software development agencies have strong social media presence on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram where they are sharing their services and market their company.
But nowadays many software development companies have strong social media reputation and they are growing very fast. So it is very important while selecting the best software development company for your business that they should have a strong social media presence and reputation on different social media platforms.
Check their interaction with communication of clients:
When you are choosing a software development company for your business, you must first check how they are interacting or communicating with their clients. Try to meet with your previous clients, are they satisfied with their work and communication and also try to communicate with the company how they are behaving when discussing projects. If their behaviour and communication with their customers is good, then you can hire this software development agency for your business
Check their problem-solving capacity of clients:
Finally, if you are going to choose a software development company for your business. You have to check their team's problem solving ability. Are they solving their clients’ problems during the development of their projects or not? If they are solving their problem in a positive and appropriate way, then you can put that web development and mobile app for your business.
In the above point you can understand check How to choose the best software development company for your business to design the best website or mobile app for your business.


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