Driver Tracking System Solutions By using Mobile Devices

From 2012 DuplexDrivers A Driver Tracking solutions is a leading provider of fleet management solutions. We commenced with GPS tracking and later expanded our capability by including driving style, fuel efficiency and field service management, bringing a synchronized solution to fleet management. Best suit for Taxi drivers, Truck Drivers, Cab drivers and Bike riders.


Reduce Fuel and Maintenance costs using real-time condition monitoring of fleets  Improve driver behavior, safety and performance   Stay connected with the fleet operators, drivers and get alerted on maintenance checks  Transform business operations by better asset utilization, predict maintenance and better manage assets  Readily available compliance reports like IFTA, HOS, DVIR and Camera / Video snapshots of road and site conditions

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Our Products

Google Navigation system

Driver use google navigation system to get fast and short route on google. Driver mobile application direct driver for route directions. Get estimated time to reach pickup or drop location on basis of driver current location.

Driver Location Check

Driver using tracking application also get own current location. Driver also check near by by using current location algorithm by google map.

Alert system

Driver mobile application have add on feature to send alert and driver can easily communicate with your team and you as well. When alert shows to driver acted upon it you will get update for delivered status.

Live Driver Tracking

By using our Driver tracking mobile application you can find the exact location of your driver and also check how far your driver. 

Driver Tracking History

In our web panel your all history of driver get saved and when you required easily check history of travelling route of driver with proper route and date time. Also draw map for visited history of driver report basis like weekly, today, monthly or quarterly.

Send Alerts

You can send alerts to the driver from on web panel. Some time you need to send emergency alert to the drivers our app have feature to send Alert fast and quick. Driver get notified by push notifications services.

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